Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello World, My First Post!

Hi everyone!

Finally, I've created a blog. What a surprise!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Hasni and this is my 1st blog. You can call me Hasni or my nick name 'empunya blog' or anything you want, it is up to you. I choose this nickname 'empunya blog' as I think I own the ownership of this blog (actually I don't know what nickname to pick :p). It is possible for me to change it in the future, but let's keep it as that for now.

It was a long time ago when I wish to write my own blog but I never did that. I guess this is not an easy thing to do and to maintain as well. Plus, I don’t really know what to write at that time.

Now I feel that I have to "at least give a shot" by starting a blog, why not? I read a lots of people’s blog until now, and i guess it is still not too late for me to start writing on my own and share anything with other people too. I also take this chance to open my mind, improve my knowledge, and share almost anything with you all and I hope for good supports and supporters, and the last but not least, to make a lots of friends.

For now, I will divide this blog into categories or sections or whatever, which I think easier to start with, i don't know.. I will start by sharing knowledge and information, links, and discussions. I don't know whether this is wrong, but there's no rule in blogging, right? You guys are welcome on this blog, are pleased to comment any posts on this blog.

Please correct me if I wrote something wrong alright..

Until my next post..